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Wedding Yoga


Yoga Guide's You Through the Marriage Process.
The word “Yoga” comes from the root “to yoke”, which means “to bind oneself to”. Yoga literally means to unify! It is the uniting of the front and back planes of your body, it unites the heart, body, and mind. It is back bends and forward bends. It is inward reflection (union with the Self) and outward connection (union with the world). Yoga is a union. And what better way to celebrate the sweet union of two people in love than a yoga class. The wedding weekend is one of the most emotional times in your life. All the people you love most in the world have come to celebrate you and the One who you’ve selected as your partner. But the seating arrangements, the flowers, the cutlery: these are the details that you’ve had to dwell on for too long. These yoga classes are designed to put things into perspective, and help you remember the true meaning of this day: love. ;I personally tailor each class to your individual situation and level of practice (it’s okay if this is your first class ever!). A few days before we meet, I will conduct a short phone interview with either the host or a member of the bridal party so I can give you a personal, profound, and meaningful session.

Then, on the day you choose, I will either meet you at your accommodations or at a studio space. After our joyful session, I will send you off to hair and nails and makeup and… you’ll walk down the aisle like a cool breath of ocean air.


The Lovers’ Class $200 & Bride and Groom:
We will focus on feel-good partner poses that allow you to help each other feel both more grounded and more open

The Nearest and The Dearest $300
Gift from the Bride and/or Groom to the Bridal A unique opportunity to spend time together in a way that fosters true connection. Without the distractions of all the other guests, you can truly thank those closest to you for their roles in your life.

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Private Gift to the Bride or Groom $175
Give the greatest wedding present: presence! First, I will interview you, the giver, about the bride and groom. Then, in the private class, I will incorporate your thoughts and wishes into the flow of the session. It’s the yogic version of a speech! If you would like to take part in the class as well, of course you are welcome.

The Lover ’Series $1000 for an 8-class series.

In these eight sessions with the bride and groom, I will be able to get to know your needs and tailor each class to fit the specific situations. In the eight weeks prior to the wedding, it’s crunch time. All the last minute details are coming together (or not), and stress is extremely high. Remind yourself again and again why you’re doing this so you can enjoy this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime period.

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