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Thank you to all my teachers. Jolie Parcher, who taught the first class I ever took and was first to offer me a place to teach. You truly live your yoga. Lois Nesbitt, who guided me into the Anusara tradition and shares her boundless wisdom articulately and masterfully.

Ellen Saltonstall for bringing the essential understanding of anatomy to light. Julie Dohrman for her fire and lightness. My amazing kula: the people who teach me daily how to balance freedom and grounding.

Christian McLean for teaching me to trust myself. My parents and siblings for the foundations, and my Isla Bea for teaching me who I am as a mother and how I want to be as a person. And thank you to that quiet truth that resides in each one of us, which helps us to navigate through the dark and reminds us to savor the light. Om.






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